Wednesday, April 16, 2008

General rants

So I finally hired a maid. And they started coming from yesterday. Already, I am getting a little frustrated ;) Its just me maybe. Yesterday they didn't do the clothes as it was the first day and they were getting late. Today they (its actually two people) said they would come early so they could do everything, but they came late today as well, and well, I had to really remind them to do everything they had to. At the end I asked the lady who did the clothes to dry up the bathroom floor (at least half a dozen times). But by the time its close to 7, they start getting panicky and leave things in a hurry, often half finished. So my bathroom wasn't dry and as a bonus the bedroom floor was a little wet as well :( I actually dried it myself ! Tomorrow I got to give them a hearing. And my Kannada is not yet that good that I can be stern in it! Alas! My troubles ;) I was thinking, although they appeared like they were over charging, I really didn't mind it so long as they did a good job. But maybe they are doing a good job? (To their credit, kitchen is very well done indeed, dishes usually sparkle :) )Maybe its just me? I knew I would make a very bad supervisor, I knew it. But then maybe its not altogether my fault either. Or maybe I just need to get used to lower standards when I am not doing something myself. Lets see. But didn't I say this was going to happen:) Ah, fate!

Just when I was about to complain how bad the IRCTC's online system is (the whole day its damn servers were down, really, in 2004 this website was way better, I've used it back then to book tickets) I found a blessing in Cisco's concierge service. I went up to them, gave them the train number (Going to Hyd you see;) ) and she asked me to pay for it tomorrow and collect the ticket in the evening. You can ask them to do almost anything from paying Electricity bills to buying flight tickets for you. They charge a nominal 10 Rs for said services. I don't think I mind paying so much :) If it works out and indeed I get a ticket tomorrow, I will praise them no end. They did seem an efficient lot.

Work work work and more work. Bah! The more I do, the more I seem to get. But then I do it because I like it so I shouldn't be really complaining. Now that I have moved away from the "centre of the earth" (that is what one of the managers told me as parting words when I was leaving San Jose), I am regularly doing calls around 10PM to midnight. Catching up with the team kind of meetings are cool, but the rest not so much. I haven't yet reached a stage when I really start to curse them, so lets wait till that happens. And I shall curse in a post then ;)

Taking bus rides back home still. I am sure it will also follow a progression of laziness eventually like everything before it has, but so far so good :D

Going to Hyd for a cousin's wedding!! Yay!! I didn't think my dream of attending weddings, meeting up with cousins etc would come true so soon. Good. Keep it going!

Need to re-hone my telephone skills. I used to be an avid "keep-in-touch-through-making-calls" kind of person. But now my inertia to physically lift anything that remotely resembles a phone has lead me to be a completely online person. Yeah, best way to get in touch is email/chat types. But now that I am surrounded with relatives, elders etc, I better get back to my phone and start calling. I called one of my Dad's mamas today and one of my Dad's brothers. Good job. Some more tomorrow. And yet some more the next day. I need to get into the habit of being a "mobile" person.

Enough ranting.


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