Tuesday, April 01, 2008

JNTU everywhere!

One of my JNTU seniors pinged me the other day. He got curious at my status on GTalk which goes "In Bangalore ...finally!". So I told him how I moved back and he was very surprised, asked me where I was etc. We discovered we worked right next to each other, in Intel and Cisco on ORR (short for Outer Ring Road in Bangalore). We then got talking and he was telling me that another senior of mine was working in a building right opposite to ours across the ORR. She had also moved back to India recently. I actually lost touch with her since maybe 2002 and I was glad to hear her whereabouts. I asked him to co-ordinate lunch and we agreed that we could go on Friday.

It seems that no matter where I go, my engineering relationships will follow:) I am so glad for it. When you are in engineering you know just about anyone and everyone and you will never have a place where you can't meet at least one acquaintance from back then ;) Maybe its true with other professions as well, but that is not for me to say. Engineering I can vouch for ;)


Anonymous said...

I didnt know Cisco was in Out Ring Road! :--))
Where are you staying now?
Yes Eng relationships follow, you know so many people in so many age ranges..


Kishan said...


Yes, looks like engg relationships follow you everywhere. I am also from JNTU (hyderabad) and that's how I knew about your blog in the first place. I was just looking for somebody in orkut and I saw your profile. I saw your name (divs) and mistakenly thought that it was my classmate (98 batch, mech). I read several posts thinking that it was her.

Only after I read your post about telugu movies/cultures, did I realize that it was not her. She is a tamilian.

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