Tuesday, April 01, 2008

R2I diaries - Day 7 - Second Half

After lunch, I worked for a little while before I had to head home for the broadband guy to come and kick-start our internet connection. he was supposed to come by 4 but I guess thanks to the traffic he came at 5.30. In the meanwhile, I cleaned up the place and adjusted some more things in the house, and cleared up some more mess.

While the guy worked on that, I got a call from the interior designer's folks saying they were coming to take some stuff from the place to fix it and bring it back. The internet guy just finished when the other two came in. They worked some more. At the end of this ordeal I was a good deal tired. Then the appliances guy called, delivery van was starting.

Some phone calls and some more dead signals (did I mention Airtel is also pretty bad in our apartment:( ) later the guy finally came. I showed him in and yay!! I have my new fridge. :D :D And microwave and the water purifier as well. Its going to be a couple days before I can use them but all the same they are home now. Now I know that moving from here is going to be a pain, gosh!

Subhash came home later, got some yoghurt for dinner. Some other Airtel guys came to activate the broadband and now we have internet!! And it is a really broad band ;) 2 Mbps broad :D At the end of this, I was feeling very hungry so we went down to ..any guesses?..drink flavoured milk. :D :D And we were wondering why we never did this in the US? Maybe its the environment. Maybe we all adapt perfectly to the environment around us that we don't even notice. So anyway, I had my flavoured milk (this time it was elaichi flavour :D ) we bought some vegetables, came home had dinner and called it a day.


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