Thursday, May 01, 2008

Random scribbles

This is one post that will stand true to my blog's name ;)

Week went quite routinely. Some customer escalation at work and it always spices things up, whether or not you have anything to do with it, you get burnt proper ;)

Been getting used to having a maid. I started giving her goodies this week. Some sweets, some biscuits etc. Also a plus of having them is that the trash is cleaned out everyday! For some reason I never realized I loathed piling trash so much till I am having it cleaned everyday :))

We finally got our TV. Subhash's parents shipped it out from Hyd. We got it home today. Yet to get cable etc. But at least the box is there. Its a huge downgrade for me (From 61" to 29" ;) ) but its OK. So long as I don't have to spend any money on it now I am fine. When I can get a 61" in India without having to loot a bank/murder for it, I will change this. Man, TVs are expensive here. Way way way more expensive than in the US. But couldn't really get the TV from there what with the whole NTSC/PAL disaster. Anyway enough about TVs.

We also had our first meal out per se today. I wanted to go out to eat. Except for really routine cafeteria food, I hadn't really gone out to eat (except for my birthday dinner in Hyd I think) with Subhash. But we went at 4 and all the restaurants and I should quote *all* the restaurants in Indira Nagar were closed:(( We settled for a Pizza Hut. I was only too happy because I haven't eaten a Desi Pizza in ages! Loved every bit of it. It was Spicy like it said. Subhash's IIM pal Y joined us for a chat. We hadn't met him since we came back. It was good catching up. The last time we met was when he came to San Jose and we took him to Napa. I think the highlight of our Pizza Hut meal was the Masala Lemonade. Yumm!! Just like on the streets!!

Subhash's parents are coming tomorrow. My mom was here briefly this week. She came for her friend's son's wedding. She couldn't spend that much time with us, but we are hoping my parents will be able to make it here soon as well :) I love how easy it is to go and meet family when you are here. Plus there is a constant stream of people you are interacting with at any time of the day. Good. So far, so good.

Enough scribbling. I was on call till midnight today, but it was a fun call so no complaints. I got to zzzzzzzzzzzz now because tomorrow is really filled with things to do, one of which is to apply for my PAN card. To pay income taxes of course, there is nothing to be happy about in that. But at least I pay back to my own country this time and not to Mr. Bush (which I totally loathed in the last 7 years, to think, *ALL* the time it was just Bush, damn!). I finally feel a sense of being a responsible citizen, a tax-paying individual and all that good stuff;)



Deepu said...

few more months and i get my own PAN ;)

Anonymous said...

I understand that you are Happy not paying taxes to Bush. Paying taxes for your own country is good. So whatever happened to taking all those monies from Bush during your 7 yrs which u took back home and made u atleast a lil richer??

So who is it u criticizing here?? Mr Bush or US?

Anonymous said...

so what happened to all that money which u earned during your stay in US?? Wasnt that US Money??

DivSu said...

Talk about twisting what one says. The aversion is neither towards the money not towards paying taxes. It's just towards paying it to the Bush Government. And I don't believe I "took Bush's money". I went to the US to earn money, I worked hard for it and I earned it.

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