Monday, May 12, 2008

No closure

That is exactly what the past week or two has been like. No closure on anything. Not on that problem I am working on at work, not on the maid and her erratic attendance, not on our house hunt, not on anything. I have actually begun to believe in the whole "buri nazar" thing. People think, "Ohh everything is working out so well for them" and next minute you know it all falls apart. My mom used to say some "eyes are not good". Well, the last thing I can help is someone's eyes. So in my true style, I will endure what I cannot cure.

Incidentally I saw Chinmayi write about the same thing. Poor thing! She couldn't go to Canada. I empathize with her. Failed plans are the most nasty things.

Well, well. Let me see if I can get on and push something to a conclusion ;)


Anonymous said...

Dont worry, things will get better soon. After alll what is life without a few challenges. :--))

Good luck!


DivSu said...

Hey Z! You are absolutely right! Let them bring it on and I will fight it ;) Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

ammani dishti theemanu:) mom's doing it all the time, and i do for my kid now.

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