Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The breeze ah!

One thing I always love about summers is the cool evening breeze. And when I was a kid I used to love sleeping either on the terrace or in the balcony. Summer knew no mosquitoes during the nights and we used to go upstairs before dinner and put water on the terrace floor have dinner and go back upstairs to find a cool and inviting place to sleep. We used to take mats, pillows and other paraphernelia and sleep on the terrace. Mostly with cousins. Stories and start gazing and what not :D

In our apartment in Bangalore, the one thing I really loved is that we have French windows in all rooms. Both the bedrooms and the Dining room. During the night I leave the door open with just the mesh (there are mosquitoes all around the year here) and its simply amazing. Especially the last one month has been simply out of this world. Regular rains. Evening breezes. Sometimes, during the right days, we get to see the full-moon while sleeping. Just like old times :D Subhash's parents keep saying that when they look out of our balcony and they see the lake etc. they feel like they are in a hill-station. Not to mention the beach-side-like breeze. I am loving evenings although the days are hot. And the rains are a definite bonus. The sound of whooshing air, the thunder, the deep blue clouds, how beautiful can the earth get.

And how better can life get? :D


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