Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A trip down Mysore's (memory) lanes

In what was our first "trip" per se since our move back to India, we visited Mysore. We wanted to take Subhash's parents somewhere because ever since they have come, we haven't gone out anywhere.

2001 was the last time I visited this sleepy town. And in 2008, I find, that its not so sleepy anymore. I remember as kids, we used to hate going Mysore because it was the most boring place on earth. There is nothing we could do except going to the same Mysore Palace and the same KR Sagar and the same Chamundi Hills and the same Zoo ;)

Much worse were the bus trips. My Dad's eldest sister lives in Mysore. She has always been there. My Dad's second sister lived in Tumkur. I remember we were game for Tumkur any day because that was a simple 90 minute bus journey from the very-famed "Majestic" circle in Bangalore. Whereas Mysore was a real "sore" story. 3.5 hours or even more at times by bus. And the road. Ohh don't even ask. Potholes masquerading as a road. And on top of that the buses were truly what we call "Yerra Bussu" in Andhra. (Red bus, in AP red buses were district/village service ones, usually we called someone a "Yerra bus" if they hailed from a village;) Mean, I know!). Since we were kids, we got to have the privilege of being pushed around and would usually end up on the gear box beside the driver. And then would start the nightmare. The drivers would stop for anyone and everyone who waved their hand at the bus. Not so bad, right?! Well think again and factor in the animals these people would bring in with them into the bus. Chickens, goats you name it! And they would dump it, yeah you guessed right, near the gear box. God!!!

I remember this other time there was a farmer's unrest in Mandya and there was major confusion. And all the buses were halted and pelted at (I hate it when people destroy public property, did I ever say that? Now they are doing that in the name of Gujjar agitations, darn it!) and somehow we managed to scrape through out of that place and arrive in Bangalore just in time to catch our train back to Hyd. I think in the process my grandma and uncle got left behind because they chose to take a different route back to Bangalore or some such thing, don't exactly remember there was much confusion anyways;)

So yeah, we hated going to Mysore, just the thought of that bus ride made us repulsive;) Later years we saw trains going to Mysore. In fact when I went in 2001 to say bye to my "Atte" (Dad's sister) before I left for the US, I went by train and I can still remember how relieved I was to not get into those buses ;)

But things have changed now. Road is unbelievable. I can't believe its the same route. I did hear about roads having gotten better thanks to Infy and all that but what I saw was beyond my belief. Mysore is not the sore anymore. Its a much happening place. I am not very sure I like it. this way either;) I hate change firmly ;) But Subhash says well everyone needs their share in the excitement. So I watched Mysore in amazement.

Couldn't really meet my aunt and uncle because it was a one-day trip. We went to Srirangapattana (Tipu Sultan's capital city) and later on to Chamundi Hills. Then had lunch and went on to see the Mysore Palace and later KR Sagar (the very famed "Brindavan gardens" which was ubiquitous in movie songs at one point in time). I hardly remembered any of these places except KR Sagar and its fountains. I think I was going to Mysore Palace after maybe 15 long years.

All in all it was what I like to call a "neat trip". Not much tiredness, accomplished (read as saw) all that we wanted, and came back in good time. We even managed to have dinner at "Kamat Yatri Nivas" on our way back, it came in highly recommeneded from our VP-Engineering when I was moving back. He told me not to miss eating there when I went to Mysore ;) It was good. Simple and good food :)


A-kay said...

I remember Mysore as a sleepy town too - frequented there when I stay in Bangalore.

Anonymous said...

Hmm yeah I have been to Bangalore, Mysore, when I was 12 or so, remember both cities to be sleepy towns, amazing weather.
So much has changed! :--)


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