Friday, May 09, 2008

Ah, the routine I love~

Just finished dinner followed by 3-4 slices of an extremely delicious "Banginapally" mango! Yumm! I love Indian summers. If its summer, it better be Indian :D Been having mangoes post dinner pretty often these days. Having them with curd rice is another highlight.

Of course the Indian summer and Rasna go hand in hand. They got this new format for lazy fellows like me, the new Rasna "powder". No more mixing that concentrate with huge amounts of sugar and water. Just add two spoons to water and mix. It tastes exactly the same and I love it. Been having it every evening after coming home, along with something that Subhash's mom dishes up for me by the time I get back. Love living with family!!

I always regret having missed out on living with parents while working. Man, that must be such a cool life. Not having to do anything, mom is around to take care of everything, you just got to haul yourself off the bed each morning and get to work and get back thats it. No strings attached. No cooking, no cleaning, no running a house. Just lend a helping hand and thats it. I envy my colleagues who are just out of college, have always lived in the same city and are so familiar with the place. And have college/school/old friends around the city. I wish my first job was in Hyd too. Its like the best of both worlds. Having fun just like in college minus the studies part ;) How much better can that get :))

Right now just loving the summer and the mangoes that come with it. Truly better late than later :D


Shubhika Taneja said...

I agree more than 200% on the mango part of your blog :-)

Kishan said...

Your recent posts make me want to leave US and come back to hyderabad.
I hope someday I can take that firm decision and make up my mind..

DivSu said...

Shubhika: You bet! on the mangoes part!

Kishan: Good luck with having a successful life/career in the US. Without either its difficult to make the decision to come back. I am being very honest here :) Only when you feel you've done what you went for, will the mind start wandering home-wards :)

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