Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yeah, why Mr. BigB?

I was going to do a piece on BigB's blog. Yeah the TRP comaprison one. Big news in the media and all that (more on the media later). I read it even before they could splash it all over you know. And it was sad to see all my respect go down the drain.

But then I found this post by Dipta that is way way better than what I could have ever conceived to write. So please to read and muse:)

Now onto my thoughts. I think that post from BigB was the last straw. I lost it completely. That curiosity to know him more as a person. Now I rarely "read" his posts. I just glide over them. All the same brouhahas, what is the use.

Then I think some more. Why do I expect him to be an angel? He is a star yes, but why does that elevate him to be angelic. If someone accused me of something, if someone wrote wrongly about me, if someone tried to get back at me by publishing something, of course I would react wouldn't I? That is exactly what he is doing as well right? Just because I thought "he was above it all" doesn't mean he has to abide by it and "let it pass". So he writes. But then the relationship between the media and stars is so synergistic that it almost seems unfair that he retorts back when its bad publicity and gladly accepts it when its good publicity ;)

Well, I never lived the life of a star so to speak so I will probably never understand this. But yes, it does feel sad to see him resort to means like this glibly (but not very successfully) disguising his actual intent. He profusely (and in more words than I could tolerate, too verbose) said a bunch of "sorries" in his subsequent posts (you dare underestimate the media, they will make anyone apologize;) ) but the apology posts irked rather than doing damage-repair. Which made me learn *ALL OVER AGAIN* that words once said, can NEVER be taken back. I should remember that before I say anything. I should. I should. I should. I should.

OK enough said;)


Anonymous said...

"Why do I expect him to be an angel? He is a star yes, but why does that elevate him to be angelic."
Very interesting point. In my opinion, it is in the nature of human beings to desire for things like name, fame, money, charisma .... Those who posess or have achieved these things more, are considered more successful. And those who do not or have not yet as much, look up to them, to the extent of following them, imitating them and if possible, worshipping them (this would give you an idea why we have temples of actors and actresses in India). It is really not our fault but that of the system that we live in, that considers those who are better in terms of name, fame, money etc.. as more successful, irrespective of how they have acquired these things and how they lead their personal lives. The only way not to fall into such a system is to define success on the basis of morals and character, and be courageous enough to be steadfast on it.

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