Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Upma combination

As I sit down to catch up on some technical reading, I am eating Upma that was waiting for me when I came home :D And I am eating it with my favourite accompaniment, curd :) I am not sure if a lot of people like this combo, but I love it. I remember when I was a kid and my mom used to pack Upma for us for lunch. She used to devise ingenious ways of making sure it remained fresh till the afternoon. She used to actually pack milk that was just left to curdle (in other words put some curd in it) in a bottle and lo! by afternoon it was solidly good curd. And I used to devour it with Upma :D Those days when Upma was the tiffin, you could see all the assorted paraphernelia in my lunch basket ;) It used to look like I went to school just to eat :)) (I used to wait for lunch bell desperately every single day, so of course I lived to eat ;) )

School days! Never stop missing them:)


Smitha said...

:-(( too bad I missed meeting u...just yesterday I opened ur blog, to find out ur in India....will send u an email...feel too bad...I was in india during april to May and am back now....:-((

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