Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In need of some girlfriends

My latest and greatest memories of India the past 7-8 years have been old friends. Latest in those latest have been JNTU (my engineering college for those of you who are new here) days and the routine.

Every evening I take the bus back home. The BMTC bus. And for that I need to walk maybe a kilometer to the main road and to the bus stop. This exactly follows the same routine that I had in JNTU. Walk from inside the campus (you should see the campus to believe how big it is) with a big bunch of friends to the main road and the bus stop. Eat Pani Puri (some of them used to also drink tea in the canteen). Catch the bus. Gossip some more and come home. I had at least one friend, K, who would come all the way home. We lived very close to each other. Even while driving we would talk. And after coming home some more on the phone. And then decide to go out and hang out together some more. Sometimes it was her, sometimes it was some of my other friends in the colony. Now I seem to be following the same routine, sans the people :( Every day when I walk out of Cisco's campus I really wish I had at least some of those friends who could walk back with me. It would be so much fun and so de-stressing! Of course if there was a Pani Puri bandi on the way back, what else could anyone ask for! And then anyway I am home alone for 3-4 hours before Subhash heads back. What fun it would be if I had catch-up meetings with friends who lived in the same apartment complex. My my! That would be perfect. That would just be like India 8 years back for me :D I wouldn't really ask for more.

I have been intending to do this post for quite sometime. But this is what actually triggered it. One of my old JNTU friends just got back to Bangalore after her extended stint in Scotland. And I can't wait to meet her. Maybe we can meet after work some evenings as well (she stays decently close enough too!!) and although it wouldn't be so perfect, it would be very close to those pearly gates :D I should say, it would almost bridge those memories over the void of the last 8 years.


Anonymous said...

Ditto to the title. Miss them. :--(


DeeJay said...

u bet!!!

i miss having girl friends, gossips, easy breezy conversations, spa days, movie and dinner nites hmm... just havin a gf to share and care and forget the worries for a while :)

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