Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Reader item

I subscribed to the BigB's blog today. I wanted to check it out ever since I saw it in the news but I finally found the time (and remembered) today. He seems to have been regular with it. I am fascinated by the BigB's family now (I was never interested in it before) because its interesting to see the dynamics in a family of four equally celebrated and illustrious people. I know not that many people like Ash but I have always been a great fan, ok, of just the looks. How do four celebrities get along with life under one roof. They all come forth on the media as equally strong personalities at least from what I have seen so far. Abhishek is probably the weakest link there, but I like him too, there is a sort of earnestness in his manner. I get the impression that he is a hard-worker and that any day is likeability.

Some of BigB's reactions are interesting. Some are enlightening. All in all I think it will be good to follow his blog. After all he is the most illustrious man our country has known ;) So far he doesn't seem to have succumbed to "blogstipation". I see regular and good-sized posts. It looks like he writes from anywhere he is, on shooting, while flying, at home, abroad, just about anywhere. I wish he would write more about Jaya though, that is one person I want to know more about. How a celebrity wife keeps her sanity and keeps a celebrity household in check:) I'll enjoy this ride I think.


Kamala said...

I found Bib B's interesting!! hey did u AamirKhan's blog they are good too...

DivSu said...

Hi Kamala

I heard but I never read it. Let me check it out now :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Now, I take this opportunity here to express how deeply hurt I feel when I read(I still keep read ing it) his blog:(
Its actually seeing your hero fall from grace..and it hurts!!and its bad!!
BIG B was the BIGGG B all my childhood, teenage, and adulthood..just until his son's marriage. Now, now I don't want to blame his DIL for this dislike, but have you noticed the tone with which all these people talk? exception being the jr..He has fallen from being the 'down to earth' guy, to 'I can't take my eyes away from my wife's pretty face from the floor' guy!!
I always always, always thought that BIG B was always soooo perfect..But Alas! if only everything we imagine, and hope is true.
The way he's handling the reports coming on him, is something a person with newly found riches and attention does..alaa Raakhi Sawant..(I like her..gr8 entertainment). But, he being used to it for so loonnnngg, I was expecting something really majestic, touching and nice..But, it looks like he's out to give out to the people who are attacking him, and he is using his blog to just do that, and also spread his dad's couplets in between.
I imagined him being an elephant, in the saying that goes like..when an elephant walks, dogs would bark..but alas alaaaas..he's being just another canine:((..sorry for the comparision, but..thats exactly how "I" can see it.
His wife..Love her to death, but have you seen her statements in the press, or followed her RS comments/questions:(..She's painting another sad picture of a wealthy housewife who has nothing better to do, so fancies herself a seat in RS:((.
His son, I like him, so will just leave it at that..and last, DIL no comments:D.

Sorry to take your blog space as my venting ground, but since you have put down your thoughts, I thought I'll grab this chance with both my hands and pour my heart out about the guy who I used to respect, I think I still do, only it has gone down by notches..byeee!

DivSu said...

Hi Anonymous

No problem, the more you vent the better you feel;)

Actually I admired Jaya Bachchan. I cannot say for what reason. But just the personality draws some kind of admiration. But it all went down the drain when I heard her saying something really ridiculous and completely out of place during last year's Filmfare (I think, I am not sure what awards ceremony that was) when she was receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award (again, I think that was it, I am not too sure) about she being really an achiever now that she has Ash for a DIL ;)

Which is why I am really curious (almost nosy) to see how this celebrity chemistry works among the four of them ;)

So I am hoping I hear or read something about her that will bring my respect back ;) But from your comment, it looks like a hopeless case now ;)

Anonymous said...

from one anonymous to another, you should vent out on AB's blog too. he'll respond i bet:)

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