Monday, May 19, 2008

Stress stress and more stress.

I don't know what it is I am doing but I seem to be getting more and more stressed. Or maybe I am just imagining it;)

First off, the maid said she would take off for four days! Ohh no! This is that terrible situation I was so in dread of. Once you get used to someone else doing your work for you, thats it. Well, I was planning to change her anyway because she said she couldn't make it in the evenings anymore and mornings just don't work for me in all that rush. So on Sunday I woke up wondering how much work is left to be done, cleaning, dishes, cooking etc. but guess what?! Like a god-send, a second maid came looking for work. I promptly had her started off and she was a little worried what my original maid would say (they have all these politics and territories and so on). I assured her that I already told my maid I would be looking for a replacement because she can't make it in the evening. Now onto actually doing it. Thursday is the day the old one returns.

Its probably the work too. Getting more and more irked. Its the remote-ness. Its not easy. Especially if you want to be on top of things. You don't get to attend half the meetings since they are at god-forsaken hours. There was a power outage over the weekend and I have to depend on a team mate to take care of my routers for me. It gets a little stressful at times because they are not always around when you have to work. And you can't really demand as they are already doing a favour. And the more I ask, the more I feel obliged which in turn stresses me out when I have to differ with them on any point. I feel obligated and I feel overly stressed when I disagree with them on anything. Damn! It has to change soon...

Then is the absolutely unbelievable real-estate in Bangalore. For god sakes, I only want to have a place to live in. Why should that be so difficult. Everyday I see dingy/dirty apartments (that too from big names) which don't go for anything less than 70L. Else you have to settle for a lesser name in which case, no access-roads, no good quality in construction, no proper water connections and so on and so forth. Even considering building our place ourselves, I am having palpitations. Even before its started. Just thinking about how much work it is. I am already stressed out and we haven't even gotten anything on paper yet :(

Breathe...breathe.. ;)


Anonymous said...

Breathe.. breathe... :--)


Alapana said...

Hye,Just don't worry so much, maids are such a big issue in our lives and i tell my husband that i dont feel so happy when he is home but if the maid comes i feel as if god visited me:))) and the weekend was really bad with the power cut but then such is life,cruel at times,isn't it.
There are a few common things between us, for hyderabad,i am from the same city, settled in bangalore now:) and worried about my maid when i shift to the flat and the last is your search for a home.
Since 4months we almost hunted down half of Bangalore and the budgets were so high every where and if the flat was good then it was in a remote area.
But atlast we found a good builder and the flat is also on the main road and we will be shifting soon.
If you are interested and the area is to your liking i can forward you the details of it.may be you will find your dream house too.
And this is my second visit to your blog, yesterday i read your blog for the first time.
good night.

Shubhika Taneja said...

Hey Divya,
dont over worry about anything. Things fall in place sooner or later the way they have to. no point worrying beyond a point...Breathe Breathe!

DivSu said...

Z, Alapana and Shubhika

A big thanks! :)

Imp's Mom said...

yea breathe! Maids will always be an issue which will resolve soon, one goes another one will come. dont worry

thanks for your comments, but i feel you really should do a post too.

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