Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Today is another day

So my previous post sent worry signals everywhere. Especially my Mom (yeah, she is into advanced technology and Web2.0 and all that, she used to work on a PC (Cobol I think) when I was barely in Primary school thanks to being in an MNC). I had to assure my Dad and Mom that all was well.

All is well. When people don't have real issues to worry about (like food, shelter, clothes etc) they take things to the next level things and start to worry about frills. Its just human nature. How else will the world have a balance. Once all real issues are done with if everyone is happy 24X7, this would be Utopia ;)

So anyway, I am doing pretty well now. It was no "real" issue. And real issue in my estimation is
1) Where you have a life-affecting problem - food, clothing, shelter falling in that category
2) When you have hurt/injured someone beyond what you can correct
3) When relationships go bad due to 2 above
4) Loss of life (I don't like the "D" word)
5) Anyone in my family falling sick
6) Sourness in the first circle limited to parents and siblings.

I think thats it pretty much. Thats my small list of issues that I categorize as "serious" or "real". And yesterday's mess wasn't even close to 1/100th in magnitude to any of these. In fact towards the evening I was feeling much better having consoled myself that none of the 6 things above happened so its not that much to fret about. That is how I operate ;)

I wanted to share another incident that happened on the bus yesterday, which was a little do I put it... mildly entertaining and majorly surprising.

I got into the bus as usual and I took a seat beside this girl. Although I didn't look in her direction I didn't miss noticing that her head was following my hand pointedly. Just to test I moved my hand the other way and she looked in exactly that direction. Then she started looking at her own fingers for at least a couple to three seconds.

I am not sure why I mentioned it here or why I even remember it till now. But it was a little amusing. To have someone pointedly stare and that too not even at my face ;)


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