Wednesday, June 04, 2008

All in a day's work!

If anyone has been wondering why I haven't been in the blogging scene for a week almost now (I feel guilty for not doing my duty and blogging, so now officially its one of the two jobs I keep ;) ) its because I have had a low-profile week.

Last Wednesday I lost some of my most precious stuffed toys which were in cargo on their way from the US. I sobbed and mourned for them for a couple of days. They were really important to me, Subhash had picked and chosen them for me on various different occasions knowing how I love soft toys :( Its a loss that I cannot stop feeling sorry about anytime soon. Then Subhash's parents left last Friday and for a couple days I felt like we were a set of kids left at home alone waiting for the elders to come back, not knowing what to do in the meanwhile except watching TV and eating.

And in general at work and otherwise, things were not going so great, so much so that I was wondering when I'd have my next "normal" day. I usually don't feel like writing about the troughs in the sine (Maybe I should change the name of this blog to Crest-al Scribbles;) ) But yesterday I was giving into the temptation to rant half from the guilt of not having blogged for almost a week and half from the lack of hope that its going to get better anytime soon.

But today I have a better excuse to write. And that is how miraculously things fell in place last evening. No worries, nothing major went out of place to begin with, just me and my small little daily events.

I had a bunch of things lined up for the evening starting with getting home by 5 so I could let the maid in. Then I had to meet a friend who was looking for apartments around here, then work out and meet another friend who recently got back to India from an extended stay overseas. All of this was to happen by 6.30 ;)

I was just about to call it a day at work when I got pulled into a customer escalation which I managed to finish in an hour. An hour late! Which means, maid has gone back, friend has gone back after seeing apartments and no time to work out before the other friend came by (yeah such are my troubles, I told you;) )

So I decided it was going to be yet another hopeless evening and headed to the bus stop. Usually I think it would be nice to have someone to walk with and chat. It so happened that this other girl got in at Intel's bus stop which happens to be the next one after mine and she got off with me. Just as I was thinking if I should ask her or not, she asked me if I stayed here. And I said yes and we got talking. Which block she stays, what does she do, what is her routine like and vice versa about me. Just as I was about to enter our apartments chatting with this girl, I came across my friend who had finished seeing the apartments and was leaving, he was in a hurry, so he signaled that he would call me later and left. Ok, so one thing out of the way. Then it happened! I saw my maid walking back. I was so happy! Yay!! She said she had waited for over 45 mins and was just leaving. I must have had all stars aligning for me to see her. I said bye to this other girl as we had come to her block by now and took my maid back home. I couldn't believe that two things were actually going out of my list!

I had to close on this customer escalation so I decided that since I anyway couldn't work out while the maid was there, I might as well login and finish with the other thing. I sent some emails out asking a few questions, the maid was done with her work, and I sent her off and started my work out. I checked my email again after I was done and to my utmost shock I got a reply to my earlier email, I would never have expected them to come back so fast. I thought my email might confuse people and there would be some Q&As back and forth etc. So anyway, with the reply, I figured out what the problem was forwarded a solution to the customer team and closed on it. I was expecting this would take at least till today to finish. Couldn't believe things were falling in line one after the other in such rapid succession.

Then I called my friend. It was 7 by now and she said instead of coming by directly she decided it was best she went home took her car and came by. And that she would be here in another 40 minutes. Yippee!! I actually get to shower and start dinner before she came. I couldn't have imagined a more "spacious" evening with *ALL* my tasks getting to completion !! So I started making dinner and finished some other household chores and relaxed for a bit. She actually got stuck in a traffic jam and didn't get home till 8.15, by which time dinner was almost ready and I didn't have to stay in the kitchen when she was home. Yay!! This was unbelievable ;)

I narrated this whole thing to Subhash last night and he was happy to see I had a "normal" (maybe even a "good" day yesterday, just that morning I was wondering aloud to him why I wasn't even having "normal" days, let alone good days;) Its probably just him then, eh? Whenever I go to him with something, it seems to solve itself. Well, whatever it is, my luck or him or God, I was happy with yesterday, I got to smile to a satisfaction after a long time.

I was just going to be very philosophical and say how bad times blend with good ones and how I appreciate good times much better because of bad times I saw Laksh's post about it. So without much ado, let me just link her here.


Laksh said...

Tagged you! Please stop by.

Smitha said...

ouch...that does hurt...I hope they are not really lost and are simply taking their own sweet time to arrive at ur home :-)

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