Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At the gym!

I went to the gym today! After maybe 4 months. The longest break I probably took since 2002. It felt good. Going to the gym is one of those extremely boring and dull things and I hate to do it. But it does make me happy once its over, because its "done" for the day.

I went to the Cisco gym. Looked good, most of my weight machines were there, I didn't work on any of them today, I will slowly ramp up. For now plan is to visit every alternate day on evenings when the maid isn't going to come. Lets see how I manage it, all along since we moved to India I had trouble absorbing the gym into my daily routine, once this gets set maybe it will be smoother ;)


dharmabum said...

we live in a funny world these days. we have discovered unhealthy lifestyles, and then invented gyms to reverse the effects :P

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