Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kellogg's for the morning

We bought these two new Kellogg's flavours in their Corn Flakes line of products. One was Mango flavoured (made from Mango Puree) and another was Banana flavoured (made with Banana Puree and having real Banana pieces). And since we ran out of LPG last night we had to eat cereal instead of our usual Idlis-with-Allam-chutney (ginger chutney) this morning. Both of them are just yumm!! Mango one was just like eating corn flakes with Mango milkshake (I used to do that when I was in Madison, so it reminded me of old times:) ) and Banana was well, bananas all the way!

I loved both of them. They have a similar Strawberry flavour but that wasn't such great shakes, these two were awesome.


Laksh said...

The Mango one sounds yummy!!

Anonymous said...

seems to me you have to mention either usa or Cisco in your blogs ;)kind of like that is your only identity

DivSu said...

Yeah Laksh, it is yummy!

Hi Anonymous, not sure what to say in reply to yours. So I will let it pass.

Prabha Mohan said...

im really envious of your life in india... especially since my husband and i have been having a tough time deciding when to move back.
im drawn to your blog because it reflects how i see my life here and if i were to move back. :)

for now, i cant wait to have someone send me flavored kelloggs soon. wait! did you just say mango!!!

speaking of kelloggs, is mohan's cornflakes still available in india? it was a nice thing to snack on with milk or without.

DivSu said...

Hey Prabha

I haven't seen the Mohun's variety of late. But I am sure its around somewhere :)

Shubhika Taneja said...

corn flakes with mango milkshakes. Pleasant to see that certain things remind you of moments in Madison, happens with me too :-)..u used to use Mexican mangoes in Madison?

DivSu said...

Hey Shubhika

I would make Mango Milkshake with Deep's Mango Pulp, Vanilla creamer and milk ;) Not the long way :P

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