Thursday, June 05, 2008

Politics and Governance

So Obama won it :) Subhash and I were cheering for him. He looks like a nice fella and that is much needed in Washington right now. We never really liked Hillary Clinton, we thought her every move was well rehearsed and her real concern was power and not really much else. We could be wrong, but hey, I am not voting? ;)

Its good to see this man finally make it. Black and Presidential nominee. Maybe the white US is finally letting go of its conservative attitude. US has never had a woman or a black president so either would have been a first. But the race is not over yet. And so I hope John McCain doesn't win. He looks like too much trouble and the US right now frankly doesn't need anymore trouble after how much Bush plundered it.

So lets hope and cheer for Obama!


Petrol and Diesel will cost more from today and Manmohan Singh is trying really hard to convince people that its inevitable. It was a little pleasant to go over his speech/address. When I landed in the US gas was selling for 99c a gallon, when I left it 7 years later, it was going for $4.25 a gallon. If the all-mighty US can reel under this crisis like that, what can other countries hope for? So I didn't think the petrol and diesel price hike in India was unjustified. Nor did I think it was the Government's fault/doing. But still it was deemed necessary that the PM send an explanation to the nation. Maybe we have hope for good governance in this country after all.

For us personally this looks like it will bring about a shift in our plans for buying a place. We are now thinking if we should move closer to his office than mine. Cisco runs cabs for employees, I don't have to depend on my own two wheeler/car for getting to work. And since my transportation expense is a meagre INR 100 (yay!!!) per month right now, even if it increases ten-fold because I start taking Cisco cab's, that won't be all that much. But if he has to continue driving like he does now, that looks like it will make a big dent. And I am all for not polluting the environment here any further, which is probably the single biggest motivation for me to take the BMTC bus back home. So lets see...


sachin said...

Hey I am back.

Now when you say that Bush is bad, did you mean for America or did you mean for India or did you mean the rest of the world?

Bush was very good for India, just wait and see what Obama does when he becomes the president, he might be good for US, I just hope he is good for India too, but hearing him talk about outsourcing, immigration, governance etc...looks like he will be very bad for India.

Give me one thing where Bush was bad for India and then we will talk.

DivSu said...

I clearly said he plundered the US didn't I?

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