Monday, June 16, 2008

Of "Puri Laddu" and "Yellu"

We went to meet my cousin on Sunday. Finally! Have been planning forever and ever now. He lives on this other side of town and we took a supposedly faster although circuitous route while going which, thanks to BBMP, took us 2.5 hours what with the constructions and digging up the roads at various regular points. (we got back in a meagre 40 mins ;) )

I also met my other cousin who is visiting from London as she was at this cousin's place. It was good to catch up with all of them including my nephew :) Not to mention the food ;) I had a lot of my favourites after a while. "Sandige" (don't exactly know what its made of but its my favourite accompaniment with Rasam), "Chakli", "Yellu" and "Puri Laddu"!

"Yellu" is something we make for Sankranthi. It is a mix of various dry ingredients like shelled peanuts, pieces of sugar crystal (or pieces of jaggery), til (Sesame seeds), dry coconut pieces, and "kadle kayi" (also called putnal pappu in Telugu, not sure it has a name in English). It is simply yumm and I love it and I used to eagerly wait for Sankranthi to come around so I could eat yellu and berus;)

Puri laddu. Its that generous sized laddus made by rolling puri (the one you use in bhel puri), dry coconut pieces and liquid jaggery together. Needless to say, this is also yumm. And since I am always the pampered one with all my cousins, they gave me a whole dabba of yellu and also puri laddus to take home. And I had one right after I came back from work today!

Happy stomach, happy me :D


Shubhika Taneja said...

u r super fond of eating :-) arent u?

DivSu said...

Well guessed;) Actually it isn't my fault ;) Blame my extra active taste buds ;)

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