Friday, June 06, 2008


I was tagged by Laksh to do this, here goes..

Why We Buy -- The science of shopping

This is the fifth line ..

In fact at KMart, Martha's paint is often displayed way up front instead of where paint paint used to be (in the rear, behind the bags of peat moss)

And the following three lines ...

Paint has gone from being hardware to fashion, all because women got involved. Men don't paint till the walls are peeling and cracking, women will do it when they, not the walls, need a change. Of course painting has always been within the abilities of your average man or woman. But only now has paint itself- the way it is packaged, marketed and sold-gone unisex.

Wow! A revelation, I didn't get to Page 123 yet in this book ;)

Not sure who I can tag, so if you are reading this, feel free to pick it up :)


dharmabum said...

apan poora concumerist ban gaya hai. tsk tsk! ;)

Laksh said...

This book sounds interesting! I totally agree with what the author says btw :)

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