Monday, June 09, 2008

Giving up a job to be a full-time mom

Who said this is just for regular employed women in any-collar jobs? My stereotyped mind was broken out of it when I asked my maid if she wanted work because another couple from the gang recently moved back to India (and the rest of them are angry with us for setting the trend;) ) and they are looking at apartments in our complex. She said that she gave up on all her "households" after she had a kid. And now that the kid is a little older she is working part-time which is just two houses, mine and another one. She said she won't be able to since she has to take care of her kid. I asked her to think about it (she does a good job you know) and it should be a little easier since my friend stays at home so more flexibility in terms of timing. Today she came back and said she was interested, which made me very happy both for her sake and my friend's.

And I was left wondering how easily we stereotype certain things to certain people. Liking giving up a job for being a mom is only something a person in a regular paper-bound employment would do.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you had a kid yourself you might know.It has nothing to with stereotyping at all just, situation involving taking care of the baby and who is in the best postion to do it,if it involved cutting back work then yes it has to be done ...daycare can't be afforded by everyone

dharmabum said...

i guess we have the tendency to stereotype a lot of things!

DivSu said...

Hi Anonymous, not sure what you are trying to convey. I am just saying I stereotyped this in my mind and with my maid's revelation I was shaken out of that stereotype that is all..

Hey Balu

Yeah we do, most definitely

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