Thursday, June 19, 2008

Restaurant raves

Since I am now a well-recognized food-freak, let me add to my Food posts by reviewing some of the restaurants we have been to around here:

Roomali - With a view - Great ambiance, and good spread on the Friday night dinner buffet. I liked their, what else, roomalis which are made to order right in front of you. Ambiance was particularly nice, a tad dark, but nice.

Mast Kalandar - When we were in Sunnyvale we used to go to one "Madras Cafe" on El Camino Real by default if we were too bored to think of where to go. This place on Outer Ring Road is soon attaining the "Madras Cafe Status". I have had the best Dal Makhani here and I've already been there thrice in three weeks (once on a team lunch). Made some amazing memories too, like S who tried their "Zara Hatke Mirchi" started getting emotional by the time she was through with it ;) (The mirchi caused tears in plain-speak, so Hatke that was;) )

We went to a couple of other places like Rajbhog on Outer Ring Road and the Pizza Hut in (I think it was) Indiranagar. Desi Pizzas are way too good I enjoy eating them maybe ten-fold than the plain Veggie Lovers Pizza from Pizza Hut.

I read a review on Mugen, the Thai Restaurant, in Indira Nagar and I am actively trying (by saying the word 10 times come weekend) to get Subhash to go to this restaurant since the review was yumm!


Anonymous said...

I love the little italy, indiranagar - lot of veggie stufff - couldn't believe so much of veggie stuff existed for italian and you should definitely try the Indijoe's - airport road - awesome food a little expesnive but definitely worth it - might give a whole list :) but those are some of the faves :)
And I love the ambience in the Indian restaurents in India - here in US most of the restaurents seem like Irani cafes to me - no ambience at all - atleast Irani cafes have good tea - same old taste & sameold menu at almost all the indian rest. in US. It is like the chinese fried rice that has the same taste at all those china bowl's gardens etc :)

DivSu said...

Thanks for the tip Anonymous! I will try those :)

Anonymous said...

Now you are only making me miss home food more! ;--)


Shruti said...

Me jealous :(

Anonymous said...

Of late, what's with the names of most of these restaurants. People are pushing the limit in the name of uniqueness - kids to restaurants:)

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