Friday, June 27, 2008

Fair or not

All along the feminists cried hoarse. Over "fairness" cream ads. Why does the girl have to be fair to attract the "nice boy". Why is love portrayed so shallow? So if a girl is not fair she isn't thought of as "deserving"?

And many more such poignant questions.

But feminists can rest at peace now. Because even as yet another lousy "fairness" ad airs on TV [ with Saif abandoning Priyanka Chopra only to meet her later and see a "fairer" her in part 2 (yeah even ads are like nightly soaps now) (and I haven't seen part 2 yet, I am just assuming she turns fair and he then ditches the model and comes back to her, that is the only natural conclusion to such an ad) ] more and more ads focus on men's fairness. First it was Fair and Lovely (who else!) and now its all kinds. I see more fairness ads for men than women now, no kidding!

So finally the men are also expected to dress up eh? :) Its no longer the girl that has to be fair and beautiful to get the nice boy. Now the boy has to be fair and handsome to get the nice girl as well.

Some victory for the feminists that ! Talk about equal responsibilities ;)


sachin said...

This comment is not related to the post.

Hey I see that you have opinion about different things. I am curious to know about the following article. Do you agree or disagree with the author, if so why.

Well I think this is a very good article. I wanted to see your perspective. I would assume you do not mind.


Anonymous said...

"So finally the men are also expected to dress up eh? :)", that's funny.
It's interesting to see we live in an age where more and more men are adopting the habits that were traditionally exclusive to women and women doing the vice versa. Hope they are intelligent enough to know their limits and maintain their individual identities, otherwise it's only a matter of time before other states will be adopting the laws of Calif and Mass...who knows, may be India someday, that would be so tragic.

dharmabum said...

i like dark skinned women.

and, i think the brand of feminism we commonly come across is a whole bag of lies. the poet was feminist, and that was more than 50 years back...

DivSu said...

Hey Debum! I agree with you. I don't subscribe to any notion of modern day feminism. Its flawed in so many areas. I was going to do a post about it but never got around to it. Will do it soon.

Shubhika Taneja said...

What a funny concept though, i mean the whole concept of fair and lovely and that too as if the cream works !

Betaal said...

When you are a market leader in making a "fairness cream" for years and you need to create market inflections and grow the market double digit a year, what do you do ?

Sell more "fairness cream". To more people.

This is normal business sense and IMHO, nothing should be derived regarding feminism from this ad.

However, the movie thing is a cliche. And modern day feminism does not have the back drop of World War II, when the whole feminist movement started. So to speak, no business case. The reminiscence of the original feminist era is thriving in business today, without a real business case.

A woman is beautiful when she is looked at with love and affection. So is a man. A pet. A land scape.

If she *touches* you, she is beautiful for you.

If you can relate to him and trust him he is handsome.

DivSu said...

Hey Betaal ;)

The feminism part was sarcasm. It has nothing to do with true feministic ideals. Everywhere we see women cribbing about equal rights sometimes wholly nonsensically ;) For those types of feminists, this is highly satisfactory I think.

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