Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sad sad day

My parents were visiting this weekend. When they left for my cousins' place this evening, I felt really sad. I wished they would stay longer. But more than that, I felt heavy because both my mom and dad are beginning to show their age. I want to keep them with me always so I can see them around me and rest assured that all is well. What would I not give to see them young and "pink" again! But age is something we all have to come to terms with. Meanwhile Subhash's mom is not keeping well at all and has had immense trouble this last week with her teeth. All this makes me feel angry. Why should anyone suffer? Why? Tsk..I feel sad. So I got thinking about an ideal life for me at this point. My parents and Subhash's parents living with us and we being one big family.

Just when I was drifting off in thoughts like this, Subhash called from the middle of his Squash game telling me to check the news for the Ahmedabad blasts. What?! Blasts in another town now? I was not sure how to react to the Bangalore blasts to begin with. And there was news of one being diffused just today @ the Forum Mall, which we go by very often:( The first of the blasts yesterday was pretty close to our place @ Madiwala. Should I be sad? Should I be angry? Should I fear for my life now? Should I avoid crowded places? What the bloody hell am I supposed to feel?

And I cannot believe the ineptitude of the people in control. As usual Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi issued generic statements. But really has this useless Congress-run alliance done anything better/other than condemning? Stupid morons. I wish someone would blow Sonia's house so then all the jokers in Congress would wake up and try to catch the culprits for once instead of issuing statements written and dictated by someone else. I usually don't like to swear but I want to use the choicest of abuse in honour of our esteemed politicians. The last month I have seen extreme callousness from them. First the J&K riots. Now this.

What really surprises me is that every one around in the news is talking about people being vigilant. Mumbai is on high-alert. Hyderabad is on high-alert. OK. I am vigilant. I find someone carrying something suspicious and leave it at some crowded place. I immediately want to inform the authorities. But who should I call on an emergency basis? I am not so sure our 100 numbers work so well. Why don't the stupid people in-charge create some hotlines and use this omni-present media to advertise it so I know who to call when I am vigilant and actually see something suspicious. Now that would make the media also more useful for once wouldn't it? But no, everyone talks of investigations and being vigilant and all the standard crap, but I don't see anything being done to facilitate such vigilance. Sigh! I usually hate ineptitude but now I feel sad about it. I am hoping that no one else dies anywhere else. That is all I can do for now.

[Choicest abuses again]


Umang said...

some good ideas here...

Anonymous said...

Reading this post only now, I am with you on seeing parents 'aging' :--(( It physically hurts.

Stay safe in Bangalore.


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