Sunday, July 06, 2008

Some more restaurants

I tried a few more in Bangalore!

Flambe - Around the corner from our place on outer ring road. Food was decent. We went with a big group so more on the conversation, less on the food, our focus I mean. They had good Pita bread with falafel.

Via Milano - An Italian place in Koramangala. Pizza was soft and Pasta was nice and spicy. The service was lousy, but I heard that was more an exception than the norm. We took 3 hours to finish dinner what with their mega serving times.

Golconda Chimney - Middle land between a Dhaba and a proper restaurant. On Whitefield road. Food was decent. Appetizers were good except the Veg kheema thingy. Lassi was way to sweet and artificial to be anything Mango.

Bharateeyam - A "no nonsense" place in HSR Layout. Your all cuisines in one olace. Chinese, Indian, snacks, chat, ice creams and what not. First time we went we had Dosa, Idli and the likes. Second time we went I had some Veg Fried Rice which was just made and piping hot. But the crown of this place is undoubtedly their "Mango Kulfi". I was simply amazed when I ordered it and the guy was taking it out to "serve" it. They actually hollow out mangoes and fill it with Mango kulfi and freeze it. When you order one, he cuts the mango and lays the pieces neatly on a plate and voila! you not only have the most sumptuous kulfi but also a deadly looking one. Mango slices topped with nice frozen kulfi. It was one too many slices for me to eat but when 3-4 people share it amongst themselves, its a winner all the way!

Beijing Bites - A good Chinese restaurant in HSR layout. Place was decent and clean. Appetizers were yumm although a little more on the salty side. Egg Fried Rice was amazing and the Hakka Noodles were nice! We didn't try any dessert since we were already too full.


Anonymous said...

I'm salivating -- the food is reason enough to move back! I hope Cisco has a good gym there?!

DS (from Cisco, the one who contacted you)

DivSu said...

Ohh yeah, we have a gym on the campus, I visit it every other day :D

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