Thursday, July 03, 2008


Everytime I have to throw a plastic bag out, I feel a knot in my stomach. Thinking where it might end up. In what ocean and what sea.

I found this very heartening article today. I must say I was quite unaware of this. This seems a rather devilishly genius idea. Mix plastic with tar while laying roads and they not only end up stronger but you also have en effective way of disposing off plastic.

Although it seems too good to be true, I really hope it is. I think they are still studying if this is completely safe for the environment or not. I hope they go on to find that it is. That would be simply fabulous don't you think?

What pains me acutely is that I haven't known about this at all thus far. That is the problem with the god-damned media. Focus on glamour, stupid reality shows, and chase celebrities. Cry hoarse over violence, inflation and god knows what else. Why not cover something productive like this. If they repeatedly aired this story 4 times in a day instead of updating the public on every small move that Harman Baweja is trying to make to save his film from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane na, I am sure a lot more people will take notice. Apparently these guys are having a tough time collecting all the plastic waste that Bengaluru generates, CNN and TV9 could surely help by airing this. I am sure a lot of the citizens are out looking for some substantial and serious news.


ASP said...

Really!Plastic is such a menace!

Get the latest India Today..
it carries 50 stories of how small people in India are making a big difference..
I read abt these group of Villagers that have banned plastic use Kerala man who is single handedly protecting the mangrove forests...thought u might find it interesting :)

Guess... said...

Yep .. and the store guy gives you a wierd look (or rather thinks that you are wierd) if you go with your own bag, and tell him not to give one :)

DivSu said...

Hey Anirudh, I will try to get hold of a copy. Sounds truly Inspirational!


Yeah, I even got dirty looks just because I asked if they had a trash can :))

Rashmi said...

Just read your blog- I feel very strongly about this plastic menace.
I personally carry a cloth bag EVERYWHERE for shopping. Looks totally uncool and get strange looks all the time.
If I dont have one with me, then no shopping.
But we are still unable to avoid plastic because everything comes packaged in plastic.
One of the major IT companies has started collection points at the workplace for plastic, tetrapack and paper. I dont work there but collect all my plastic and hand it over to an interested employee for recycling.
Other companies ciould also look into this....

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