Thursday, July 17, 2008

And I present to you a masterpiece

So I am back from Chennai and here is a master-piece that I collected on my flight back. This was no ordinary water and so I had to post it here. (Use your browser zoom to see it larger after you click on it)

Since I couldn't get a bigger resolution, let me put the extracts of that text here. Along with my expressions of course! Those come for free.

I am so pure

I make a cliche like "pure" seem new again (hain?!). So removed, the only things I've been in contact with before you (yuck yuck!) are sun, wind, earth and snow (what the hell?!?). I am one of the purest thing (Wren and Martin double somersaulting in their graves) you've laid your hands on (Corny, corny, corny). I hope you're thirsty. (What ?!?!)

Live Natural

God! Did you see a more cornier ad for water ever?

I was so taken by it, I had to post it.

And no wonder the water tasted BAD.


Shubhika Taneja said...

Thats Hilarious! Never came across something like this, good u posted it.. :-)

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