Monday, July 14, 2008

Umerkot and more Flambe

Friday night we re-visited Flambe. Last time we were too busy conversing to concentrate on what we were eating. This time around we did a better job.

We had the roti basket with Dal Makhani (I have tried Dal Makhani at just about every place around here, and none of them have disappointed) and Hyderabadi Subz (yeah all restaurants use the Z now, no more the Subzi;) ) Both of them were yumm.

We went to Umerkot in Koramangala on Saturday night. Ambience was good. We were right by the door which was a little inconvenient but the food soon made us forget it all;)

We got Mathri with dipping complimentary. It was zesty.

We ordered the Tomato Dhaniya (and something else) soup and it was nice. We then got the Chilli Paratha and the Rumali roti along with the Achaari Baingan and (well, you guessed it) Dal Makhani ;) Yumm, yumm, yumm. Can't say better. Everything was cooked to perfect taste.

Even the saunf at the end was of three varieties and was cool. I had sweet pan on the way out and it was the perfect closure to an amazing dinner.


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