Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I almost forgot this.

Last Friday we went with the IIM gang to this quaint Konkani restaurant off Sarjapur road. Since I am not at all familiar with Konkani cuisine except for "Neer Dosa" which I know thanks to my sister-in-law's grandparents, I don't know what the others ordered and what I ate, except for this one Neer Dosa ;)

We had some egg fry with a yumm masala. And bottle gourd wrapped/stuffed mashed potato. So it was mashed potato stuffed into a bottle gourd and then cut into thin slices I think. That was amazing too. We also had some super nice banana bajjis. And I got sugarcane juice to drink while some others had tender coconut water.

For the main course I was too full with the starters. So I just had a couple of neer dosas and curd rice. I think the others ordered some pumpkin curry and dal and some other dish, I was too far away from that end of the table so I don't even remember what else was kept there :D

I also had jackfruit leaf wrapped idlis which were a super hit.

All in all, since I am not at all good with those names, I will just say the starters were amazing and very filling.

The ambience itself was quaint. I even saw double doors which closed with a latch after a long long time for the rest room :D It was on the top-most floor with thatched roof and all. Even the light switches were those old fashioned black ones with the switch in between.

I think this review would do more justice to the restaurant than me ;)


dharmabum said...

interesting, though i would assume that being a vegetarian would have limited your options. i assume thats true with every cuisine, but more so with the konkan stuff.

also, i wonder what konkan cuisine really is, if we're talking about the language, then we have people talking that language living all along the west coast, right from maharashtra down to kerala...

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