Monday, July 07, 2008

A battle or a mere sport?

It was an epic. Truly. I was too young to witness the 1980 war between McEnroe and Borg but they say this was the longest ever final in the history of Wimbledon, so that couldn't have been better.

I was cheering for Federer. Mainly because Nadal still has time. I was really wishing that for the maestro that Federer is, he would walk away with that record 6 straight Wimbledon titles. But it was not to be. Nadal was relentless, never let going of anything. But I am glad of just one thing. And that is that Nadal didn't win in straight sets. And Federer lost with immense dignity, even if it was a loss it went all the way into the night.

I noticed that the HINDU didn't print the results of the match. It was probably too late for them to follow it through to the end. It went on till 2AM. Never thought it would. And the rain definitely added to all that drama. I slept through the two sets that Federer won and only saw the last set but even then it was worth it. Or maybe not. I am still feeling very upset that Federer didn't win. (I probably shouldn't watch sports of any kind, I tend to take the results too personally :( )I was so wishing that he would although I wasn't very hopeful after seeing Nadal through the French Open season.

Now I really wish he goes over this game and comes up with new strategies to win back Wimbledon 2009. But then pressure does a lot of things to people. So I hope he sails through this defeat to come back a winner next year.


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