Thursday, July 10, 2008

An incredible ad on RadioOne 94.3 FM

For all you Bangaloreans ;)

Girl: Hamare bedroom me ek bada sa cot hoga, soft pillows, neele rang ke parde, wardrobe bla bla bla
(In our bedroom we will have a huge cot, pillows, blue shades, wardrobe etc etc)

Boy:Arey pehle shaddi tho ho jaane do
(Arey, let the wedding happen first)

Ad man takes over:

Arey shadiyaan tho hoti rahengi, lekin bedroom banane ka time tho abhi hain.

(Arey, marriages will keep happening, but now is the time to build that dream bedroom)


Some Home Town's sale event's ad. What were they thinking?! They didn't find a better way to advertise their bedroom sale event?!

If they left it at the conversation between the girl and the boy, it would have probably still been ok.

But the message in the background totally makes it beyond believable. They are encouraging people to ignore the marriage part and focus on making up the bedroom:)) Gosh!

Truly some modern times we are in. I am surprised some moral policer hasn't caught it and gone on Dharna to have it off-air yet :))

Really now!


Anonymous said...

wow!! am shocked !! kya zamana aa gaya hai ? !!

Umang said...

Wait for the divorce lawyers to launch their ad!!! They will say "shadiya to hoti rahengi, pehle divorce kar lo!!!" :)

DivSu said...

Hi Anonymous, yeah exactly, kya zamaana hai.

Umang, you should be in marketing ;)

DeeJay said...

hahaha ... that just cracked me up ;)

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