Monday, July 07, 2008

Bay Leaf

Forgot to add Bay Leaf (Koramangala) in that list of restaurants :)

It was Subhash's cousin's birthday so we went to Bay Leaf for dinner last week. Parking was a mess (what else do you expect in Koramangala?!) and we finally managed to get in after a huge drama what with the rain and lack of parking.

Food was good. Above average actually. We ordered Mulligatawny soup and I felt that the MTR ready to make version of this soup tastes much better. The roti basket was a treasure. Well kneaded and soft rotis. Curries were good too. Biryani was average. But then by the time I got to Biryani I was too damn full. We had Rasmalai for dessert and it was yumm!

All in all my culinary and shopping experiences have gotten much more satisfactory to the senses now that I am back :D


Anonymous said...

there is another restaurent next to bay lea - some rajasthani one - forgetting the name - that is also good :)

DivSu said...

Hi Anonymous

You referring to "Gramin"? We did see that when we went there, my husband says its good, I am yet to go there :)

Anonymous said...

yup gramin it is. It was definetely nice ambience & food although the restaurent was a little small.

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