Monday, July 21, 2008

Sisters at work?

Talking of the team here, we have this set of people who have lunch together. Lets call them the "lunch group". I was lucky enough to get started with this set of people when I was new here. (thanks to H, who was the only person I knew well enough by face before I got here, since she had made a trip to San Jose sometime ago) Man! They are just the kind of guys anyone would dream of hanging out with. Anyone with my temperament I mean :) Of course a lot of people have apparently not been able to sustain around the spontaneity and the intellectual capacity that this group possesses. Many have been intimidated by it. Luckily for me, I fit right in! And now I look forward to having lunch every day (I used to look forward to having lunch even before, just because its lunch, duh! but more so now, for the company). I used to always eat at my desk back in San Jose. When anyone from my old team spotted me in the cafeteria they would have an expression of disbelief that I can't aptly describe here. So this news is definitely going to blow their minds ;)

And one of the lunch group, SH, is a Sankethi. When she told me she was a Sankethi, I was damn sure we were related in some way. So I asked my master database, my aunt, when I visited her this Saturday. I just gave her the name and lo! it was like using a keyword to access a database of information. That my aunt wouldn't disappoint with information I knew, but that she would beat my already-high expecattions I didn't dream of. She told me exactly how this girl was related to me, where she did her Masters, who she married even! It so happens that I am related to SH through this very aunt of mine;) So today I told SH about it at lunch and we were extremely happy to discover that we were sisters by relation;) Its a small world, rather a very small community ;)

Nett summary: Work is fun and outside work is even more fun. And so all in all, just like I expected and more than that, hoped, I am loving life here more and more with every passing day. We finish 4 months of moving back to India in a couple of days and I am already saying "I'd rather live here than anywhere else!"


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