Monday, July 14, 2008


After 8 years, I had it again!! The Sitafal :D

I love mangoes, sapotas, jackfruit and seetafal. Of all of these probably Sitafal the most emotionally. I used to love to watch my grandmother eating it ;) Whenever I eat it I am reminded of her.

So anyway, I used to get jackfruit and sapotas in tins back in the US, not as good but well, something. Mangoes, I was in India summer of 2004 and I hogged. So Sitafal was the one fruit I haven't had since 2000. And I sorely missed it.

We went to TOTAL on Sarjapur Road and I saw Subhash suddenly rushing off with the cart. I didn't know where he was going till I looked around for him and found him near the fruits area picking Sitafals for me!!! So sweet. Yeah, he is like that :) If I want something, he'd do anything he can to get it for me, and with enthusiasm, and this makes all the difference :D

So today I finally had one. And was feeling fuzzy-happy about it :) So naturally it goes on the blog too ;)


Anonymous said...

Everytime I feel sorry about missing the berry genre in India (I LOVE blueberries and cherries), I remind myself about the fruits that I will be gaining instead. Sita-phul, pomegranate, mangoes, guavas ..

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