Sunday, February 28, 2010


Somehow when a tragedy occurs, it is another piece of news till it involves someone you know.
The Carlton Towers mishap was just another piece of news. Sad. But not personal.

Next morning a colleague sent an email saying his friend was one of the 9 who died and I was feeling sad about it.

This morning I logged into Facebook after almost a week and I saw a colleague joined a Facebook community for someone who is no more. I checked and figured it was her husband :( And a quick Google search showed that it was the Carlton Towers mishap that was responsible for it. Put two and two together and I figured out that the friend my colleague was talking about was this same guy.

I felt even sadder. I knew this girl. Very nice and charming. It is one thing to be in anticipation that someone will pass (whether it be because of a long suffering ailment or some such reason). But it is another thing when you leave home together in the morning and one never comes back :( I felt so awful all morning today. Somehow I couldn't take it. Such a freak accident. Such a deep loss. I have no words.

I think we as human beings are conditioned to react to tragedy differently based on how it touches our lives. It is sad but true.

And now apparently a Tsunami is going to hit Hawai'i and to some extent the Bay Area. I hope everyone comes out fine from this [-o<


Anonymous said...

sad ... somehow other than the aam janta no one else values life..everything is corrupt and all about money

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