Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Technical query

Does anyone know why Blogger doesn't feed out private blogs? I mean if I have granted access to someone and they are using their Gmail ID and want to feed my private blog into Reader or something, blogger doesn't allow it. I'd think at least with Google reader and Blogger both being Google products, it should have feed capability so long as I am using my Google account. But I've tried different feeders and no, it doesn't work.

Anyone knows how to work around this?


Abhinav said...

By default RSS feeds are unauthorized. So for a private blog, no RSS feed is created (on blogspot).

Options :
* Move to something like wordpress for the private blog. There should be scripts / plugins which will do what you need.

* Make your blog public, but remove it from google search and blog listings etc. Then RSS feed will be generated (but if anyone stumbled on your blog, they will be able to access it).

DivSu said...

@Abhi - Thanks - so it looks like unless I take some drastic steps there is no way I can fix this issue, sigh!

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