Monday, February 22, 2010

Hyd trip roundup

Back from Hyd. Was a good trip where I just had to manage work and the baby since neither my mom or Subhash's mom would let me do any household work. Still Rohan was super cranky and more than made up for that extra time.

Met all of my mom's family because one of my aunts was having a homam at home. This was good since one of my uncles who hasn't met Rohan to date could meet him this way and I didn't have to travel anywhere to meet all my aunts and uncles.

So this aunty who is an old friend of Subhash's parents was at Subhash's home the other day and was exclaiming how easy it was if one were to have sons since there would be no need to help with deliveries of daughters.And this in my presence! It is really sad how many times Subhash's parents have to listen to the "Ohh but you have two sons, your life is easy" line. Although everyone knows they have absolutely no advantage for having had sons. Neither son lives with them. They manage their lives entirely on their own. They've done as much (if not more) for their daughters-in-law as anyone would do for a daughter. (My mom in fact once asked Subhash's mom to adopt her as a daughter so she could also get pampered along with me!!) When I was expecting a baby, since it was not easy for my mom to come and spend time with me as my parents and sister all work and my sister lives with them, Subhash's parents came instead. In a society where it is considered the girl's parents duty to help the daughter when she is pregnant, they took it on themselves to make sure I was not alone for a better part of the 9 months. There was someone to come home to in the evening and this in itself was a huge help. If one thinks about it the traditional way, since they have two sons there is absolutely no need to do anything of this sort. Yet they did. Yet, people all too familiar with them also say, well you have sons, your life is easy. I really wonder how.

Anyways, I'm digressing.

Rohan was super-cranky. We thought he was missing his Dad. We are back now and he has been cranky for the past 24h as well. Now we are at wits end on why this is happening. I suppose now he is missing his grandparents. Sigh! I really feel bad for him. I hope he gets better once he is settled in.

Caught up with K and VM after nearly four years!! It was good to see them. V and S had a baby boy so we went to see them on Saturday. Su and Sh also had a boy but we had just a couple of hours on Saturday so couldn't meet them :( Anyways, they'd be coming to Bangalore eventually.

I've been tagged to do an IndusLadies contest and none of the things I can think of are really fitting into their 10 things to blog about. So I am wondering what to write about. One friend already suggested something. Any more ideas?


Sri said...

Wow..ur really lucky to have such wonderful inlaws!

Even Oviya is getting cranky nowadays..she doesnt go to sleep easily and wants to be carried all the time..

DivSu said...

@Sri - I guess it is that age then :)

Anonymous said...

summer ?crankiness

Anonymous said...

summer ?crankiness

Anonymous said...

Not everyone is as lucky as you are. My in laws would just run away from offering help.

DivSu said...

@Anonymous 1 - Not sure, maybe.
@anoymoues 2 - I agree :)

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