Monday, February 22, 2010


My maid went to her town to see a match. And she is not back yet. And I am not sure if she will even come back. So I am on the look-out for a maid. Yet again.

What I hate most about changing maids? You have to train them all over again. Just when they reach aut-pilot mode and you don't have to supervise them anymore somehow they leave. And the only thing worse than doing household chores is to supervise someone doing it.

So now I am going to be super-happy if my old maid comes back. Since she was well into auto-pilot. Even if she comes late, I don't think I'd complain initially ;)

I always used to wonder why companies spend so much time and money on research to retain existing employees and keep them happy. Now that I'm an employer, I know! :)


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