Friday, February 26, 2010


So the friendly neighborhood policemen paid us a visit today. Me and Rohan were at home and they came to give us general precautions. If you have gold, silver and excess cash, don't put them at home, put them in a locker, if you have to put them at home, then don't go locking your house. If readers remember, they were making furious rounds for the past 5-6 months. I asked them why. Did something happen?

They said no, this is our area and nearby areas have seen some robberies so we want to be extra careful and keep people on the lookout.

I was impressed. I listened to all precautions and said yes.

Now they wanted an entry in their book. I gave them my name, they said no yajamanavaru hesaru, so I had to give them Subhash's name, where he works, his number etc.

Reminded me of Usha's post :)


Anonymous said...

Impressed by the proactive drive being undertaken by the police in your area. Also loved reading the post u linked to.


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