Thursday, February 18, 2010


My aunt said something funny yesterday. Context was extremely over-ambitious parents wanting to make Einsteins out of fetuses and infants.

"If people listen to Baby Einstein CDs when they are pregnant, the babies will come out looking like Einstein, with hair all grayed, frayed and fallen off, from all the stress"

Before you go beating me on how I am not providing the best for my baby, read this.

I also liked Lekhni's post on this a while back.

On that note, I always had a doubt. Is it enough if I listen with headphones or should I actually leave the laptop speakers on so that the baby can hear? If I listen with headphones, and my brain is processing the sound will it convey the same to the baby? Silly me. Stupid doubts.

Rohan has listened to Vishnu Sahasranamam through-out his fetal life and his 5 months on this earth, but only and only because his mom has been listening to it every morning for the past 13 years and it is a habit with her. And yes, I don't think it has done anything remarkable for either his intelligence or his vedantam :)

If people want to listen to this stuff purely to keep their babies entertained or to create a calm environment for themselves, it is totally cool. But to do this because babies should be geniuses is I am afraid even worse than asking a 6th standard kid to attend IIT coaching.


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