Sunday, February 28, 2010

Restaurant Review: Citrus

We went to Leela to dine last night and asked which of their restaurants had sofa/lounge seats so we could put this guy down if needed. Only Citrus, their 24 hour coffee shop did. So we went there. Anyways I've been wanting to try that place for quite sometime.

Food was so-so, but considering it was a coffee shop, I guess I shouldn't complain. I wanted to feed this guy in between and asked where the mother's room is, and surprise surprise! They didn't have one!! Wow! For a 7-star hotel, that is quite unplanned. They found an empty meeting room in their business center and to their credit, they made an effort and made accommodations for us :)

Skip it if you can and if you are hungry. We didn't try their desserts though and our next table guys had come there to exclusively have dessert so I am assuming they are good. Need to try it next time.


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