Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meru cabs vs EZ Cabs

I must say I was always an EZCabs person. Their cars were good. Their number easier (43434343) and in general whenever I call the response was always prompt.

Meru on the other hand would place me on hold forever. Number was a little too easy to confuse. (44224422)

But in the past 15 days I've done a U-turn. EZCabs ditched me 3 times in a row and they give up on you in the last minute. Half an hour before your booked time, they call and say that they cannot send a cab and no one takes a reservation within half an hour.

So I shifted gears to Meru and they haven't disappointed. Their call centre has improved by leaps and bounds and service is prompt. Another useful thing is that all their cabs to the airport are now hatchback. Although I dislike hatchbacks normally, they are good to carry luggage especially when traveling with an infant (his pram etc)

So all in all, EZCabs is surely on the decline and Meru is ruling the roost, both in Hyd and Blr from the looks of it.


Rachna said...

I have always liked Meru, especially their service and never had any complaints with their call centers too. They have been pretty reliable both in Bangalore and Hyderabad

Anonymous said...

r u vacation? no updates for a while

DivSu said...

@Anonymous - Yes proxy vacation..

taxi services pretoria said...

I like them both. And I think there's no big difference between there service.

Govardhan Avvaru said...

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