Friday, January 08, 2010

This and that

*Sincere thanks to everyone who stops by this blog. Considering that I just ramble on and on about my life here and it really doesn't make for much entertaining reading except for a few one-offs, I am highly indebted. Indiblogger gave me a ranking of 76 which is apparently very good (it is like scoring 75 runs in their own words). Here is hoping I reach 80s and 90s. But this is being over-ambitious :))

*I wrote a while back about Telangana and how people fighting for it treat Hyd as if it is their baap ka maal. I had to clarify later that I said it in response to KCRs statements a while back saying he won't let Andhra people stay in Hyd and what not. Most pro-Telangana commentors gave general gyan that it was the naive KCR making instigating statements, that it is India and everyone is free to live where they want and so on. After the high level of ugliness displayed by Telangana leaders (the worst being that is you went out to Andhra for Sankranthi they wouldn't let you back in Hyd), I'd dearly love to hear if anyone is still pro-Telangana. If you really want to commit your region in hands of goons like this, I wish you well. God save you. This whole drama is becoming more and more unbelievable with every passing day. There is some lull now thankfully.

*Overnight damage to Reliance stores across AP. Reason YSR's death is suspected to be Reliance's foul play. Yeah, now that the ugliness of politics has gone into the private sector I really hope that the Ambani guys pull some strings and set some political morons straight while they are at fixing their "rivals" whom they suspect in this case.

*Social interactions are improving by leaps and bounds. Mainly due to the son. And in no less measure because of Subhash's parents being around. Yesterday we were visited by one of their oldest friends and it was great. Aunty was telling me about how they welcomed Subhash home when his mom brought him back home from her mother's place and how she always compared all babies' eyes with Subhash's ;) I love to have people over and like I said I am nearly dying of guilt since I am rarely visiting anyone. All in due course of time. All in time..

*I was reading the review of Sherlock Holmes on ToI. I would always double check anything that ToI publishes so here is a request to people who have watched it. Do they really show Irene Adler as Sherlock Holmes' girlfriend? If so, this is highly abominable. I respect taking a few liberties with inventing crime cases that he solved and all but anyone who is an ardent follower of Holmes knows that he was averse to having any kind of relationship and he referred to Adler as "The Woman" only because she was one of the very very few people to give him the slip and run. To transform her into a romantic interest is so not done. Grrrrrrrr..


Anonymous said...

Any pro-telangana supporter is supporting the cause of telanagana not the leaders..even if it were not to happen, i.e, telanagana as a separate state, we are already being ruled by a bunch of hooligans..So, same difference.
And andhraites being stopped from coming back, do you really believe thats going to happen??, and use that as your yardstick for forming an opinion?

Kishan said...

Yes.. Adler is his girlfriend in the movie. :(

DivSu said...

@Anonymous - I am sure its not possible to monitor all entries into Hyd to make this happen. It is not only an atrocious statement but also a most ridiculous and one filled with loopholes (What if a Telangana person goes into AP and wants to come back? Will he/she also be prevented?). But all that is irrelevant. All that I am saying is, the attitude of the people at the helm is so outrageous that to trust them and give them power is only going to spell doom.

@Kishan - Thanks for confirming. Then its character assault :(

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