Thursday, January 21, 2010

Street games

At a time when I thought kids have lost all innocence and do not indulge in normal games anymore, here was a fresh breath of air.

I found this scribbled on our street:

The blue thingy is Rohan's buggy BTW.

So anyways, I think I can rest assured. We are in a safe place. Did I ever mention that this colony has lots of kids around 2-3 years of age? In the evenings I can see a lot of age group kids. Some play badminton on the street (the colony is really an 8 shaped limited families one, and is surrounded by army area all around so its a dead end, and therefore not too much traffic), some playing hopping games like this, some going for walks in prams, yeah all age groups. I think there will be lots of friends for Rohan when he grows a little older.

For his first birthday I think we can invite everyone home so we can start new friendships. Already for his Bhogi pallu I invited a few folks in the colony. Increasing social circles you see, because I have a feeling we will live in this house for a long time to come ;)


Anonymous said...

great... i thought such games r played in small towns..good to see blr kids do that!

Rachna said...

It is the same in our layout. And in the evenings, all the inroads are clogged with kids of different age groups playing their games.

DivSu said...

@Anonymous - Kids are kids :)
@Rachna - It is nice, isn't it :)

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