Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to the grind

My mom and Subhash's parents left yesterday and today after a whole month and a half its back to me and the kiddo, home alone.

Not a problem.

Except that I have to work full time as well :(

So somehow managing with typing with one hand while feeding, playing while answering technical questions over chat and so on, you get the drift. Plus the maid was supposed to come back today after a 2-day holiday and she never showed up, so in addition to the cleaning and sterlizing and cooking that I haven't yet outsourced, there are all those 100 nitty gritties which I have to get done around the house, maid or no maid.

Plus blogging :)

All in all, an interesting day and I am hoping certainly not the shape of things to come.

Finally, today after a long long time I got to do some technical thinking and application to a problem which has lifted my spirits greatly and so has enabled this blog post :)

Yay!! for one's passions.


Rachna said...

All in a day's work :). Keep up the spirits coz the work would definitely bog you down.

DivSu said...

Thanks Rachna!

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