Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My god!

Some days just turn everything upside down. Yesterday was one such, and its continuing into today :((

Two things happened which forced Subhash and me to finally draw some concrete plans as to what we do to manage with the baby when I start going to work.

One, I will need to take in engineering reports much earlier than I had hoped. I actually like this since I want to get started but that means I will need to start going to work physically much sooner than I was planning for. Second, the day care at Cisco apparently is far from ready :( So instead of the day care overlapping with my WFH, they have now become mutually exclusive sets :((  And from what I hear even if I use up all my leave I still won't be able to bridge the gap between now and daycare inauguration.

Tomorrow is Bhogi. We have his first "Bhogi Pallu". We got all the stuff that we need, now I need to find time to arrange everything. Need to call and invite a few more people in the colony. 

One more thing weighing heavily on the mind is parents' health. In the same 24h period I heard from my Dad saying he feels his health is failing and he is tired of medication. And Subhash's mom is not keeping well, doesn't feel up to going to the doc and she also says she is tired of medications. I feel so helpless, cannot help anything except offer verbal support :( And to keep in mind the value of good health.

On the brighter side, my mom is going to make it here tomorrow!!! She is always a pillar of strength so I think I will soon be feeling much better :)


Vani said...

we r going trho similar stuff. his dad's cancer operation which has come up all of a sudden.n then when they arnd what use of daycare...but i cant work entirely from home too

DivSu said...

Hi Vani, yeah I can understand :( Its rather hopeless..

Rachna said...

I offer you my moral support as a mother. I know how difficult it is to manage work, home and child along with the other things. I had to quit and let my career take a backseat and its only in the past one year that I started doing my own work....

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am following your blog now and hope we can swap more children and career-related stories.

DivSu said...

Thanks Rachna :)

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