Monday, January 25, 2010

A nice scheme!

I recently befriended two elderly aunties in the colony. And I found something remarkably common between them. Their grandchildren partly live with them!!

The first aunty, he daughter moved closer to their home, her grandkid goes to school from his house, comes back to aunty's house in the evening and parents pick him up on the way home from work at night.

I thought wow! How nice! It is really a win-win arrangement since aunty also gets bored at home during the day, at least her evenings are occupied with the kid.

The second aunty also had the same arrangement. She has a grand daughter and in her case it way they that moved closer to the daughter's home.

I wonder, this is so convenient. Both our parents live in Hyd and I feel it is most unfair to expect them to keep coming here at the drop of a hat. They have their lives, their friends, their activities. They come here and invariably they are bored. I feel really sorry whenever that happens. If not for my job we would've moved to Hyd and then we could have lived close to either parents and things would have been so much easier. Well, life presents one with a set of choices and you make the most of what you get I suppose!


Sri said...

Ya..this seems like the best arrangement for working parents..even i am facing a problem now as my parents are at Hyd and my MIL is not sure if she can manage the baby..seems like i will have to take a break to raise hubby is not ok about leaving the baby in a daycare or with a maid at home..

Rachna said...

This is definitely a win-win for all parties. How about relocating to Hyderabad? The gains are really big!

DivSu said...

@Rachna - Can't afford a move now with him so young. I cannot give 100% to a new job. :(

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