Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We have been planning to acknowledge some real good advice we got, on the blog for a long time now. So here goes, thanks to the advisors ;)

Buy lots of swaddling blankets - Sm
Buy lots of burp cloths - Sm
Buy the Fisher Price Rocker/Bouncer - Sa and Sm
Buy the scissors type nail clippers - Sm
Invest in a good comfortable rocking chair - Immensely helps feeding and soothes those sore neck muscles when you are trying to get used to the whole process for first time moms - Self ;)
Get a good diaper/duffel bag which will be able to hold bottles, nappies. Get one which has the nappy changing mat bundled with it and has loads of pockets - Sm

So many thanks to Sm and Sa :)

Will post any more as and when I can think of it.


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