Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some important things

Things are getting smoother on managing front :) Work has fallen back to natural rythm and I am quite able to do both work and babycare :) Maid has started coming again which means no housework! :) This week is hiring week and looks like I will have to talk to at least four people for screening. Hmm..interviewing is quite boring actually :P

One important thing that happened which I quite forgot to jot down was that in the week before Sankranti the census guys had come and Rohan is now officially contributing to the Indian population numbers along with his parents and paternal grand parents :))

His passport has been applied for :)

The polio drops guys had cme home to ask if we had any kids less than 5 years. We had just finished his immunization that weekend where the doc also gave him polio drops and so I told them that. But I was quite impressed. We think our government is so bad that we tend to overlook all the little good things it does :)

Yesterday all day whenever I kept looking at the date, I was reminded of that near-death-but-miraculously-little-bruises accident I was in exactly six years ago on I-94 just after Waukegan.. Wow its already been SIX years!!!!! Truly the time is flying..


Anonymous said...

Regular reader of your blogs...what accident are yor referring to? Could you send a link to that episode in case you blogged about it?

DivSu said...

@Anonymous - Unfortunately looks like I haven't. Will keep searching..

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