Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mile sure again?

I've read a lot of blog reviews on the new Mile Sur video. Most have been disappointed. The best one I read so far came from Deepak. I am yet to read KrishAshok's.

The worst part of the video for me is not even Deepika Padukone, but the Abhi-Ash pair which according to AB junior, he was delighted because he could appear with his wife. Man, is your wife your only identity in life?


Anyways, for all the other who were disappointed, I just have this to say:

What do you expect from a Times of India piece? Eh?


Rupa said...

I didn't like it too ...too much bollywood....I wish there were more sports guys...and can't believe there wasn't sachin....and yes, Abhishek has no identity whatsoever ( only a lifeless trophy wife)....when he said that I ROFL....How I wish I could say " Come on , be a man" (pun intended)

shilpa said...

Yeah I don't care too much about the new one. All the celebrities really made it worse. The worst was Big B and Ash staring into the camera and giving us their creepy eye. Big B the eye of a leery old man and Ash that of a simpering dumbass.

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